Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello all.

I've had a rather turbulent past week and a half. Those of you who need to know why probably already do.

During that time, I sat down as a composer and did something I've never actually done before: let my feelings take control of what I write.

As a film scorer, I'm constantly tasked to create mood and emotion for various setpieces. I've gotten quite good at manufacturing what I think to be pretty believable representations of the gamut of emotions, from sad to happy to anger to intensity, what have you. Never have I attempted to let my own experiences dictate what flows into my compositions. It's so very... singer songwriter of me, I suppose you could say.

The entire experience has been incredibly cathartic, and I can finally bring myself to cope with what happened over this past week and a half. I have no regrets at all about what happened, and genuinely believe it can help me move on with my life.

One last thing: there's a bunch of different ways the title for this piece could've gone. Originally I was tempted to title it something incredibly melodramatic, like "Loving, Losing" or "Requiem For A Lost Love" or something equally at home in the discography of HIM or Aiden or any of those other fucking awful teen angst bands. As I sat back from finishing the last notes, the title hit me.

It's been the driving emotion behind the whole experience, and no matter what it will always be in the back of my mind.




  1. Good for you.

    And beautiful piece!

    - Jill K.

  2. It's really gorgeous Mike.
    *Is it ok for me to call your work gorgeous? :)