Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold Weather? Montauk Video!

In SOMEWHAT keeping up with my theme of posting music that's been sitting on my computer for a long time that nobody's ever heard before, I happened upon a short score for a video produced by a friend of mine. Christor Lukasiewicz is quite possibly one of the most talented photographers I've met; my apartment has pictures of his hanging all over and he's responsible for the lovely gasmask photograph that adorns my profile. Sometimes it's wonderful to have a semipro photographer as one of your best friends. The perks are endless.

This may or may not be one of those perks.

Anyways. Enough rambling.

Back in October or November, Christor contacted me with a short clip he had shot and edited that he wanted original music to. Being the kind gentleman that I am, I agreed immediately. And sat on the clip for about a month or two. I'd say I was busy, but who the fuck am I kidding, last semester was taken up by a WHOLE lot of Mass Effect 2 and dicking around.

When I finally got around to looking at the video, I found his temp track to be a little bit... intense, shall we say, for the visual onscreen. I notified him of this, and he agreed somewhat. The feel was there, he said, but  I was allowed to experiment how I pleased. The score came together incredibly quickly; it was much more song form based than I'm usually contracted to do, but there were certain cuts that I had to hit as well. A bit of a challenge, but luckily I have this uncanny ability to find the perfect tempos that line up with cuts. Simple 4 chord pattern on a nice distorted Rhodes sim, filter drums, bass, and super delayed surfy guitar swells, and we have a tune. Oh, and harp harmonics. Quite possibly my favorite patch in EastWest; it gives me a piano-like sound, but with a much more dreamy quality to it.

I shipped it back to him, he liked it, and now it's on Vimeo. There's another one in the works, of him playing with his water housing backed by an original song I wrote with Kelly Izzo, but that one may have stalled, since I learned I don't get tracking for free anymore. Boo me.

Now. The real test. Lets see if these embeds work.

weekend in Montauk 2010 from Christor Lukasiewicz on Vimeo.


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