Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 Days To Glory

6 days.

6 days until my recital.

I think the only reason I'm not freaking out as I type this is because I have nothing major to do today. The past week was incredible with how much time I spent at my computer working on my recital. I barely slept all week, had rehearsals, meetings with designers, somehow managed to transport a canvas home from the store in a convertible that wouldn't fit it (we put the roof down and drove the entire way home while it was snowing with me buried under it in the back) and composed a bunch of new pieces. All in the span of 5 days.

I have faith, though. The ensemble is coming together wonderfully, everybody is understanding with my insane scheduling and they're a fantastic bunch of musicians. Expect a bunch of surprises... one you may know about already because I enjoy talking about it, but the other we're playing incredibly close to the chest. So just you wait.

As a treat, since I said I would post music more often, I found the audio file for the music we're using as an intro. Sometimes composing movie scores that ultimately never end up getting used is a good thing. The music was from the big climax moment of the movie, involving a large bat man (not THE Batman), a little boy and a whole lot of cannibalism. I took another look at it, fleshed it out, made it MORE bombastic... and here you have it. It's still untitled, since I hate titles, but it's suitably epic for an epic show.

Recital Intro by Michael Hart

Keep your eyes peeled. In the next couple of days I should have prints of my recital poster that I'll share with you all.

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