Monday, December 20, 2010

The Artificial Collective Unconscious

Big news today. My fellow Salvation Denied band member and moviemaker, Caleb Foss, has just put up the Kickstarter for his junior film, Receiver. Caleb was one of my first introductions to Purchase, seeing as how we lived together freshman year, and he was also one of the first people I started working with in the film scene. Since then I think we've done... I don't even know, 15+ films together, all of them incredibly entertaining, deliciously absurdist and full of craft from an artist who has his shit together.

Receiver's his first chance to actually utilize all of his creative juices and produce something much more experimental than the rest of his work at Purchase, so I highly suggest you consider donating. I'd attempt to explain it, but Caleb's Kickstarter can do so much more than my words can. Plus, he has some pretty bitchin' rewards.

Caleb's Kickstarter

Caleb's Youtube Page. Some of my favorites I've done for him include Good For You, Abscission (which is entirely grounded in reality... that doesn't often happen with Caleb),  Social Courtesy and An Introduction To Physics (the first major film we worked on together).

Next post, hopefully I'll have something for you all to listen to. I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block lately, and trying to get over that hump has been fairly difficult. Bioshock music helps as a reference point though.

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