Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alone Together

Over Thanksgiving break I received a nearly completed draft of the script for a movie entitled "Alone Together", written and soon to be directed by the wonderfully talented John Morgan. John's been a close friend of mine since the end of our freshman year, when we first collaborated on his freshman film. He's a fantastic filmmaker, really passionate about his craft and I always enjoy working with him.

"Alone Together" tells the story of a hitman tasked to eliminate his next target, an ex-spy, with whom he falls in love. While the script is not completely finalized yet, it's equal parts touching, tragic, suspenseful and euphoric, as well as one hell of an entertaining read. Even without actors, the dialogue speaks for itself in an entirely human way. In terms of scoring, there's a couple of ideas kicking about in my head already. Certainly the film noir genre style of writing may come into effect, but a much more modern, tragic score may be called for as well. We'll see once I start getting footage.

In the meantime, John's 98 dollars away from his Kickstarter goal. Check out his movie pitch, see if it interests you and donate a couple of bucks to his cause. Trust me, it's a fucking good cause.

http://dancingzombieproductions.blogspot.com/ (John's blog)
http://www.youtube.com/dancingzombie (John's youtube page... I highly suggest checking out Evil Film and his first adaptation of Herbert West: Reanimator. But that's only because I scored them. The rest is quite good as well)

More updates about this project will follow soon once John moves into production.

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