Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Reel, Now Online For All

Soundcloud seems... I don't know, more professional than Bandcamp? Maybe it's the ability to watch your song's waveform as the site plays through it, or maybe it's the fact that you can't customize it, but it seems that being able to send potential clients a Soundcloud link is more professional than sending them a Bandcamp one.

So, for all of you wonderful readers, I've made my current reel available on Soundcloud for you to listen to. It pulls from my extensive back-library of scores and compositions I've completed of an orchestral nature, and I'm very proud of all of the clips on here.

Clip 1 is something I did right around the time when I got my EastWest sample libraries. I was thinking about titling the complete work "March to the War Drum", but never got around to completing it. Regardless, I still think this is one of my favorite things I've composed.

Clip 2 comes courtesy of "Pizza", a short 3 minute animated film I scored for one Emily Tomasik, a film student at Purchase. Emily and I have collaborated on a couple of movies, and she's great, especially when dealing with animation. The clip was the original intro music, which Emily wanted scaled down to the piece that appears in the movie. Watch Pizza at this link, and after you do, watch some of her other movies. My favorite? Little Turtle, Big City.

Clip 3 is a piece John Morgan had me write for his re-interpretation of Herbert West: Reanimator, entitled "From The Dark", in which he was only allowed to use one continuous shot. Additionally, it was one of the first times I used the samples I use now for film work, and I love the vibe we got together.

4 is from "Tront's Quest", currently still in post-production and directed by Lawrence O'Neil, a film teacher at SUNY Purchase. Tront was my first paying film gig, and this music is from a scene where the main character is extremely distraught after he learns his Dungeons and Dragons character turns gay after being horrifically (and comically) raped by a dragon. Definitely one of the funniest movies I've scored; I'll post it when it's done.

The next I sent into Atari as part of a 3 piece reel in the hopes that I would get a scoring gig for one of their trailers. Sadly I didn't get the gig, but the piece is badass. Additionally, that was the first thing I wrote with EastWest. Go me.

Cymbal roll denotes cue 6, also from "Tront's Quest". This is the music I wrote for the big montage scene; the clip from it that you're hearing is for the dwarf who loves to smite things and kill them with his battle axe.

After that we have the latest thing I've written. I'm not sure what to call it yet, as it's still a work in progress, but it takes its inspiration from the "Pairbond" theme of Bioshock 2. I'm looking to expand on it. Either that or keep it short, write a better melody and set it up as part of a 10 track reel I can send to potential employers.

Finally, the reel closes with the end of a score I'm constantly tweaking for a Halo trailer. I'm still looking for someone to do foley work for it since I had to rip all of the audio out of it. Any takers? This music occurs when the main character flies off into the sky in a helicopter, only to see a giant column of light shoot out of the ground. Once that's completed, it'll definitely be on the internet somewhere.

If you missed it at the top of the post, here's the link again.

Hope you enjoy.

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