Friday, January 28, 2011

Back To School, Back To Work

I've finally returned to SUNY Purchase. Not even going to lie, the move kicked my ass. Moving 2 8 inch monitors and enough guitars and assorted guitar related things to fuel 2 pop/punk bands (not to mention whatever else normal college students bring back and forth) has definitely taken a toll on my energy level. That, and I've been running around with housemates attempting to make our apartment pretty. When we're not shoveling out cars, that is.

But have no fear, music will come soon! I finally had a chance a couple of days ago to sit down with American Love, a movie that director Andy Cahill gave me, to start scoring it. American Love deals with a news reporter who happens across a prostitution ring that goes much deeper than it seems. I'll post score snippets up once they get more finalized; the score's taking a much more minimalist approach than I expected it to, but I feel it works a lot better that way. All you really need is a synth drone and drum hits to bring out tension in a scene.

Also, at long last, I have a date set for my junior recital. Friday March 4th I'll be performing with my industrial duo, Salvation Denied. I'm putting together the setlist now, and it's going to be almost an hour of music, if not more. Thankfully, I've managed to draft other members to our ensemble; it now consists of 2 synth players, war drums, solo violin and Caleb (he is his own instrument). Putting together this recital has been consuming a ridiculous amount of my time the past 2 weeks, so hopefully it all comes together really well. As well as a Salvation Denied show can, anyways.

This may still be the old version. But you get the idea.

I'll post more now that I'm settled in, don't you worry. Work's going to start coming in like a flash flood in the next couple of weeks, so there will be no shortage of music to show you all.


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