Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome Back Kotter

Hi again, blog world.

It's me.

A whole lot's happened since July 7th, 2011; much too much to go into detail on here, especially at 1 in the morning when I've been writing charts since I woke up at 11. Let's just say it was equal parts business, laziness, craziness and time.

But I'm back. For how long, I'm not sure. Is it because I currently only have 1 and a half hours of class a week? Perhaps. Am I trying to promote the crap out of an original musical? A valid point. Freaked out about my future as a freelance musician? You better fucking believe it. It's high time to vent to something, to provide another output for my creation, and really, just to write because it feels like it's time to write.

So for at least until showtime, if not more, Composing While Colorblind returns.

And as always, there will be music. Lots of it.

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